If your company needs a flexible, affordable and committed Marketing Manager, RAS Marketing can help. For as little as £500 per month, I can be depended on to prioritise your marketing needs while you concentrate on other critical issues.

After an initial one month induction period to research your products, services, company and market place, a 6 month project will begin to make a significant impact on the objectives and success of your business.

In a small company the Marketing Guru is normally the same person as the Managing Director; the person who came up with the initial idea to start the business, the entrepreneur who knew his product or service was going to succeed in it’s market place.

But as the company grows, that person has less and less time to spend on marketing.

The original ideas and processes which worked for the start-up company in the early days become inefficient, acquisition opportunities are missed and promotional tasks stay at the bottom of the priority list.

This is where RAS marketing can help. I can come in and pick up any important projects and propose new ways to promote your business.