Ever feel like you’re being followed?

Well maybe you are! As you travel around the web and social media have you ever wondered exactly how all your favourite hobbies and objects of desire seem to be advertised wherever you go?

Its all done through some very clever but simple ‘Re marketing’ techniques available with Google AdWords advertising tool.

All you have to do is open an account and add coding to the relevant page of your website . When your target market visits a page, they are added to a list. The list of specific interest then becomes the target for your banner ad to follow around the web. You can choose when and where you would like your target to see the ad, and you pay when the ad gets a click – which takes the target back to the relevant landing page of your website. Clicks cost anywhere between 50p and £5 dependent on relevance of your ad and competitive arena.

Another way to follow your audience is through Facebook ‘Retargeting’. This is how you get in to a users Newsfeed without being previously ‘liked’. With 85% of UK adults now using Facebook this is possibly the strongest online advertising tool currently available. Again, it’s a question of adding some code to your website which is picked up by the user when they visit. You then organise for your ad to be displayed to them in their Newsfeed at a later stage, reminding them of of your website and products – tempting them to click and come back to your website. You’ll get charged per click or by the number of times your ad is seen by the audience.

For more information on advertising online, give me a call.







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