Be SMART when setting goals

Before writing a marketing plan, the first task is to establish what your goals are and to ensure they are SMART.

Specific – What is the exact end goal? Keep this simple and straight forward.

Measurable – Work out how the goal will be measured, so that ROI and expenditure can be justified.

Achievable – Make sure the goal is realistic – there is little point in setting goals that can’t be met.

Relevant – Keep specific goals for specific teams and audiences. Set the boundaries and limitations to ensure the goal is a realistic requirement.

Time based – Set a time limit to reach the goal and implement a project plan to make sure deadlines are adhered to.

For more information on marketing plans and how to set realistic marketing goals, get in touch.

LinkedIn – Growing your Business

Whilst Facebook and Instagram are great tools for Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing, LinkedIn has obvious benefits for Business to Business (B2B) services and products.

Your objective might be to make more contacts within your market place for setting up sales appointments or keeping in touch with individuals as they change employment within your market place; retaining advocates and opening new doors.

As with all social media platforms, LinkedIn success is all down to being organised, disciplined and committed. There is really no point in going to the party if you’re going to sit in the corner silently – you won’t meet anyone!

LinkedIn requires engagement and participation and the more staff within the company who are proactively networking, the larger the network becomes.

So once you have set up your LinkedIn profile and your business profile, you need to get your staff involved! Consider a monthly LinkedIn meeting and a monthly incentive to get staff focused.

If you want more advice on using LinkedIn within your business, contact me or watch this space over the coming weeks.

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Happy New Year 2018

48f09e583f4290aa4cb02af66baef975-funny-new-year-happy-new-year-300x300New year’s resolution! To update my blog every week with a marketing tip for my Clients – past, present and future!

I’m always the one to tell my Clients that marketing is all about discipline and getting the message out there regularly. But do I practice what I preach? It’s quite a while since I wrote this Blog, but this year will be different…

So tip number 1 for the new year.

Be disciplined!

  1. Collect content all week – set up a bookmark folder on your desktop ‘Content Ideas’ and save URLs so that you have a bank of ideas ready for use
  2. Every Wednesday choose some content from the bank and prepare for take off
  3. Update your Blog with something useful or interesting for your customers and start working on increasing your audience

Simple? Watch this space for more marketing tips!

Ever feel like you’re being followed?

Well maybe you are! As you travel around the web and social media have you ever wondered exactly how all your favourite hobbies and objects of desire seem to be advertised wherever you go?

Its all done through some very clever but simple ‘Re marketing’ techniques available with Google AdWords advertising tool.

All you have to do is open an account and add coding to the relevant page of your website . When your target market visits a page, they are added to a list. The list of specific interest then becomes the target for your banner ad to follow around the web. You can choose when and where you would like your target to see the ad, and you pay when the ad gets a click – which takes the target back to the relevant landing page of your website. Clicks cost anywhere between 50p and £5 dependent on relevance of your ad and competitive arena.

Another way to follow your audience is through Facebook ‘Retargeting’. This is how you get in to a users Newsfeed without being previously ‘liked’. With 85% of UK adults now using Facebook this is possibly the strongest online advertising tool currently available. Again, it’s a question of adding some code to your website which is picked up by the user when they visit. You then organise for your ad to be displayed to them in their Newsfeed at a later stage, reminding them of of your website and products – tempting them to click and come back to your website. You’ll get charged per click or by the number of times your ad is seen by the audience.

For more information on advertising online, give me a call.

Just launched – basic WordPress website £250  In 2006, RAS Marketing developed a 30 page website for Adrian Ball, describing his work, practice, skills and interests. Pages outlined clinical procedures, illustrations and diagrams, timetables and reference points. Ten years on, there is no longer such a need for Consultants to provide such detailed information for patients as there is a plethora of medical sites and NHS online information available. However, details needed updating and some of the functionality of the site had become inoperable on new platforms so a new ‘Professional Profile’ site was produced for just £250. The site is on WordPress so easily managed and well ranked by search engines. The old domain name was remapped and hosting with WordPress will cost just £30 a year.

Google Exams – Passed!

Pleased to say that I am now ‘Google AdWords Certified’ as I have passed the ‘Google AdWords’ exam and the ‘Google Display Ads’ exam.

I have also achieved ‘Google Analytics Advanced’ level.

So feel up to date and ready to go – as these exams need to be resat annually. Though to be honest, not that much has changed since I last sat them 10 years ago.

Let me know if you need any help with PPC and Google Analytics.


Day 1 – Back to consultancy work & WordPress

After a 3 year trip to Germany, RAS Marketing is back! It’s been great working as a Communications Manager for the Ministry of Defence in Bielefeld. Part of my role was informing all the British MOD families how best to spend their spare time in Germany – it entailed thorough testing of tourist and leisure attractions and learning a substantial amount about a very under rated country. Germany has so much to offer from beaches, vineyards, skiing, war memorials, festivals, beautiful architecture to fairy tale countryside, forests and castles. And it’s all so clean and civilised!

Now I am back and offering very much the same skills as previously but in addition I have now added WordPress website ‘set up’ to my services. Setting up a website like this for your business would cost about £500. This would include:

  • Setting up your domain name
  • Producing the site with drop down menus and easy to follow navigation
  • Loading all your content – text, pictures, videos
  • 1 hour on-line training of the Content Management System (CMS) so that you can edit the site yourself after launch
  • Setting up Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Setting up Google Analytics so that you can monitor visits to your site in detail
  • Setting up hosting  – up to £250 per year depending on your requirements

So get in touch if like me, you are looking to grow your business!