Case Studies

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Strategic Marketing Plan for Universal Marina

Client – Avia Willment (MD) –

During 2017, RAS Marketing was employed to create and implement a strategic marketing campaign for Universal Marina. This plan identified new leisure markets and potential revenues and profits. Once the initial plan for growth was agreed, a new website, online brochure and community communications plan were launched to include the new services and consolidate previous marketing projects. The new programme also included monthly newsletters and business networking sessions to promote hospitality services. This project is ongoing with the first of the new services being formally launched in early 2018.

Professional Profile Website for Consultant Surgeon

Client – Mr. Adrian Shervington Ball –

In 2006, RAS Marketing developed a 30 page website for Adrian Ball, describing his work, practice, skills and interests. Pages outlined clinical procedures, illustrations and diagrams, timetables and reference points. Ten years on, there is no longer a need for Consultants to provide such detailed information for patients as there is a plethora of medical sites and NHS online information available. However, information needed updating and some of the functionality of the site had become inoperable on new platforms so a new ‘Professional Profile’ site was produced for just £250. The site is on WordPress so easily managed and well ranked by search engines. The old domain name was remapped and hosting with WordPress will cost just £30 a year.

Pay Per Click Campaign Orthopaedic Hospital

Client – The Oxford Clinic –

RAS Marketing was employed to run a Google AdWords Pay Per Click campaign for about a year. The campaign was designed to promote the website at the top of the Google listings when visitors entered specific keywords around orthopaedic healthcare in Oxfordshire and the surrounding region. A targeted click through rate and conversion rate were achieved. This project was a success and the clinic was acquired by BMI Healthcare.

Car Dealership Software Launch – WorkshopPro

Client – Progress DMS Solutions –

Progress DMS were looking for a Marketing Manager but employed RAS Marketing, finding they preferred the more flexible services of a consultant more attractive. Attending the office 4 days a week, RAS helped review current strategies and produce messaging for a new garage automation product – WorkshopPro. The product was successfully launched and gained wide coverage in the trade press and leads were generated for the sales team. Case studies were produced to use as sales tools for further sales.

Conference and Event Production Services

Client – Whitwam –

Whitwam needed general help in promoting their services to corporate companies and event venues in the UK. RAS started by researching the company and it’s market place and producing a marketing plan. Within the plan were included a new website, Pay Per Click Campaign, PR work, advertising, case study production, CRM system and introduction of Blog, exhibition attendance. All the elements of the plan were implemented and a large number of leads were generated for the company.

Patient Pathway Software – NHS

Client – Dataline Services –

Dataline had produced patient pathway software for NHS oncology units and wanted to take the product to market. RAS Marketing produced a case study with Adenbrooks Hospital and literature to promote the product. RAS Marketing then targeted NHS Trusts which resulted in a pilot scheme at Middlesex Hospital.

Consultant Surgeon Websites

Client – various independent surgeons and societies

RAS Marketing produced several high end websites for Consultant Surgeons to promote their private business. RAS interviewed the Surgeons, collected all the content, devised marketing strategy, produced navigation and functional requirements and briefed website designers to produce sites within tight budgets and to an agreed timescale.

Examples –  –

Market Research – Standing Wheelchair

Client – Basil Firth –

Mechanical engineer, Basil SSS had designed a stand up wheelchair enabling disabled people to stand up in social situations. RAS Marketing carried out full research to determine whether the wheelchair would succeed and at what price within the market. A prototype was taken to various distribution channels and end customers for their feedback and the market was researched in full. A viability report was provided.

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